Ian Ross: Swords Around the Throne  Limited

Ian Ross: Swords Around the Throne Limited

Rome is in peril. The old order is changing - and Centurion Aurelius Castus has been summoned back from Britain, to find himself caught up in a treasonous conspiracy threatening to bring down the Emperor Constantine. Rewarded for saving the emperor's life in battle, Castus is promoted to the Corps of Protectores, the elite imperial bodyguard. The swords around the throne. But he soon discovers the court to be as dangerous as the battlefield; behind the gilded facade of empire, there are spiralling plots, betrayals and seductions. A nest of traitors. And one relentless enemy. SWORDS AROUND THE THRONE continues the brilliant Twilight of Empire series, which began with THE WAR AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD.
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    Signed Lined Ink Stamp dated Limited to 10 copies