Ian Ross War at the Edge of the World

Ian Ross War at the Edge of the World

WAR AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD: PART TWO contains the remaining two parts of Ian Ross's epic novel, published on 01 January 2015. Readers of Conn Iggulden, Simon Scarrow and Ben Kane will be delighted to discover a new series to follow.

Once a member of the crack legions of the Danube frontier, Centurion Aurelius Castus has known the might of the Roman empire in war, as he has known its great expanse, marching from one border to another. 

But now, Castus finds himself relegated to the crumbling British stronghold of Eboracum, regarded with suspicious awe by the provincial troops; just another veteran brooding upon his past triumphs in this frozen, uncivilised backwater. Until the king of the savage peoples beyond Hadrian's Wall dies in mysterious circumstances, and Castus is sent into enemy territory to negotiate with the barbarous chieftains of the Picts...
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    Signed Lined (Y) Dated (Y) Exclusive Ink Stamp Hand Numbered (10 only) 1 Jan 2015 (approx date)
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