Jack Ludlow Soldier of Crusade Signed 1st HB

Jack Ludlow Soldier of Crusade Signed 1st HB

Bohemund is heading east into the Byzantine Empire, part of the greatest military expedition of medieval times, the Papal Crusade to take back the holy places of Christendom from the infidel. But Bohemund has his own agenda, the increase of his own riches, fiefdoms and influence at any cost.

Bohemund and his nephew, Tancred, are heading east into the lands of the Byzantine Empire. But Bohemund and his fellow Normans never pass into a new territory without an eye to the notion of gaining land and power, and this is no exception.

On his mission to wrest territory for himself, through a maze of smiling villains and shifting alliances, one man will come to play the deciding role in Bohemund's story, the wily Emperor, Alexius Comnenus.

The period of the crusades provides Ludlow with rich pickings for action and character.
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    Signed 1st HB