Terry Brooks: Armageddon's Children

Terry Brooks: Armageddon's Children

An international bestseller since his first novel was published in 1977, Terry Brooks remains today in the top tier of all fantasy writers, with more than twenty-one million copies in print of his U.S. editions alone. His storytelling skills have grown over time to encompass not just the beloved Shannara universe, but other series that have brought in additional legions of fans. Armageddon's Children begins a gripping trilogy that will both appeal to newcomers and captivate his current listeners.

Not so very far in the future, civilization teeters on the verge of collapse. Evil forces roam the ruined landscape of the former United States, recruiting the weak and enslaving the rest. Only pockets of resistance remain, with only a few heroes to protect them.

Once such hero is Logan Tom. His mission: to locate a group of Seattle street kids and guard them with his life. Because one of them carries a magic that might - just might - be powerful enough to save the world.
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    Signed 1st HB (USA)
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