James Rollins and Grant Blackwood : War Hawk (review)

James Rollins

(James Czajkowski) (1961 – )

aka James Clemens

James Rollins was born in Chicago, Illinois, is 1961. With his three brothers and three sisters, he was raised in the Midwest and rural Canada. He graduated with a doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University of Missouri and went on to establish his own veterinary practice in Sacramento, California. An amateur spelunker and a PADI-certified scuba enthusiast, he’ll often be found either underground or underwater.

Former Army Ranger Tucker Wayne and his war dog Kane are thrust into a global conspiracy that threatens to shake the foundations of American democracy in this second exciting Sigma Force spinoff adventure from New York Times bestselling authors James Rollins and Grant Blackwood.Tucker Wayne s past and his present collide when a former army colleague comes to him for help. She s on the run from brutal assassins hunting her and her son. To keep them safe, Tucker must discover who killed a brilliant young idealist a crime that leads back to the most powerful figures in the U.S. government.From the haunted ruins of a plantation in the deep South to the beachheads of a savage civil war in Trinidad, Tucker and Kane must discover the truth behind a mystery that leads back to World War II, to a true event that is even now changing the world . . . and will redefine what it means to be human.With no one to trust, they will be forced to break the law, expose national secrets, and risk everything to stop a madman determined to control the future of modern warfare for his own diabolical ends. But can Tucker and Kane withstand a force so indomitable that it threatens our very future?”


James Rollins is one of my go to reads when i need a break from Historical Fiction, something that is certain to provide a fast paced action filled read, i cant think of a time he has ever let me down…. Tucker Wayne is no exception to that rule, where it is different is in style, because one of the main characters is a dog. When i first heard this i was dubious, but Rollins has such an innate knowledge of animals that it even caries over to how they potentially think. producing a high level, intelligent persona for the dog, one which is highly believable and readable.

The story its self is another success, i powered through the whole of this book in a day, with his usual page turning style reproduced in conjunction with Grant Blackwood and delivering what all fans have come to love and expect. Im not shocked at this continuity of style and quality having really enjoyed the series Rollins produced with Rebecca Cantrell (a truly wonderful series).

The book description above gives a great background for the plot, the cyber war, terror and power hungry conglomerate combination is powerful and works so well in this modern day world of greed and distrust of the ruling elite. The name of the main protagonist while a little jarring for UK audience should be no hindrance, Clive Cussler after all has made a career from Dirk Pitt.

So for thriller fans, or those looking for something fun to break from the norm, this is well worth a read.



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